About Jill

Sedona at the crack of dawn. Photo and hiking buddy credit to Kyle Durand

Sedona at the crack of dawn. Photo and hiking buddy credit to Kyle Durand

I loathe the traditional, here are all-the-ways-I’m-cool, look-at-what-I’ve-done bios. It’s not that I’m not proud of the things I’ve accomplished or the places I went to school (Go Hornets!), I just don’t think an inventory of achievements are a meaningful way to decide why my ideas, perspectives, and word choices might be worth your time.

Instead, I’m introducing myself by telling you 11 random things about me. Why 11? It’s my favorite number. It’s the day of my birth which I also happen to share with Facebook (how’s that for an interesting coincidence?!), The Grand Canyon, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg, Mary J. Blige, two of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Colombian Crime Boss Deigo Leon Montoya Sanchez and Roland Scholten, the famous Dutch darts player.

I like elevens because they are connected but not tethered. They look the same right side up and upside down. I find these things comforting in a world where too many things are tethered, not enough are connected, and far too often feels upside down. The 11th hour is my favorite time to get anything important done. Eleven is also the number we associate with one of the worst days in American history, a day I choose to never forget. Yes, it was a day of terror but also of courage and sacrifice, a day where strangers came together to love and care for one another, the best and only and final response to the hate that instigated the tragic events of 9-11-01.

Elevens are simple and complicated, just like me.

1. K is for Kathleen. I’ve been JKM since my parents changed my name when they adopted me. I sign most things with “jk” including all of my emails. This has led to more than one awkward follow up clarifying that I did not mean “just kidding.”

2. I grew up in Tenafly, NJ, an idyllic little suburb of NYC.

3. I hate the word mentoring but helping young women grow in their careers is the most satisfying part of my professional life.

4. I raised abandoned wild animals when I was a kid. I was known across Bergen County’s vast wildlife community as something of an opossum savant. I had a special technique for getting the smallest baby possums to learn how to lick formula from lids of baby food jars. I was also skilled at bottle feeding baby skunks and raccoons.

5. I have degrees in International Relations and Theology and I work with startups. Go figure.

6. I’m messy – all the time and in many ways. There’s a good chance, I will have oatmeal somewhere on my shirt or in my hair. My desk is covered in papers and mugs and God knows what else. My car is dirty outside (in my defense, we’re in a drought people!) and inside (no defense available).

7. I have a stuffed goat, a hedgehog, a ceramic rabbit and a cast iron duck on my desk. They are an homage to a silly tradition that my Getty team started more years ago than I can count. Every time I look at the menagerie, I’m reminded of all the great teams I’ve had the privilege to work with over the years. And, they make me smile. It’s always good to have things on your desk that make you smile.

8. I live by these 8 Rules. Well, I try to but most of the time I mess them up especially number – well, all of them really.

9. My celebrity crushes are Idris Elba, Nate Silver and Naval Ravikant. I like smart men.

10. I start writing between 5:30am and 6am. I get up, much to the dismay of Lucy and Bitty.  It’s dark and quiet at that time of the day. There aren’t that many people around and the few that I see share something, we all have a reason for being up and out, there’s a purpose to every thing at that time of day.

11. My favorite human being in the world is my nephew Jack. Hands down, now and always. Love is like that.